Remembering Our IS Colleagues

Page Editor: Dennis Galletta

Over the years, we have lost some dear colleagues in our field. They were valuable colleagues and friends, and this page is a tribute to them. This page links to tribute pages hosted by others.

To add names and links to this list, please send the page editor the URL of the tribute page and birth and death years.

2012 Tributes

  1. Paul Gray 1930-2012

Complete Set of Tributes

  1. David Caminer, 1915-2008
  2. Donald T. Campbell, 1916-1996
  3. C. West Churchman, 1913-2004
  4. Paul Chwelos 1970-2007
  5. Lee Cronbach, 1916-2001
  6. J. Daniel Couger (1998)
  7. Claudio Ciborra, 1951-2005
  8. Alessandro D’Atri, 1951-2011
  9. Gerry DeSanctis, 1954-2005
  10. Premkumar Gopalaswamy 1954-2007
  11. Paul Gray 1930-2012
  12. Jack Hogue (2005)
  13. Magid Igbaria, 1958-2002
  14. Heinz Klein (2008)
  15. Rob Kling, 1944-2003
  16. Charles H. Kriebel 1933-2008
  17. Dowan Kwan (2008)
  18. Roberta Lamb [2006]
  19. James McKenney (2007)
  20. Enid Mumford (2006)
  21. Kristen Nygaard, 1926-2002 (also see bio)
  22. Effy Oz (2008)
  23. Mitzi Pitts 1960-2007
  24. Raymond von Dran 1946-2007
  25. René Wagenaar 1954-2007
  26. Gemma Welsch, 1945-2005


One difficult task will be to establish an inclusion rule for such notices. There is no perfect solution. On the one hand, we could limit the list to include only those who provided extraordinary leadership to the field (conference chairs, department chairs, journal editors, etc.). At the other extreme would be to include individuals related to the IS field, as academics or practitioners.

Requiring that the individual was an extraordinary leader seems to be overly restrictive, and for that purpose posthumous LEO Awards can be provided. The other extreme could produce a list that would number in the hundreds. A middle ground seems more reasonable: I recommend that we focus on the academic community, or those who closely supported the academic community, and also to formulate in our minds a definition of "Information Systems." Use your own judgment of that formulation to determine if the name should be submitted. This could include those who contributed on the fronts of teaching, research, and service to the IS community.

A working definition of the "IS community" could include those whose names can be found in the AIS membership list or the IS Faculty Directory worldwide. Additionally, they could have contributed to academic IS journals and conferences such as AMCIS, ECIS, ICIS, IFIP, AofM's OCIS, PACIS, or similar others. Significant contributions to our field can come from other fields as well.

Most importantly, strict enforcement of such definitions is not intended, and suggestions for improving the definitions over time are always welcome. Some editing will be done, however.

Efforts like this are sometimes very delicate matters, and we are more than eager to make quick changes in case of errors in judgment about inclusions, omissions, phrasing, or spelling. Suggestions of any kind are more than welcome anytime. We do not intend to slight or insult anyone. Suggestions of any kind are always welcome.